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Therapy for the healing of physical and mental problems through working with the information field using the latest techniques.

After the first meeting, changes in state and environment begin.

Are you ready for change?

About me

My name is Maria and I am an accredited regressionist, reincarnation therapist, quantum psychologist, astrologer, neurocoach, art therapist.

I use effective safe unique methods of international practice of healing people, I hold therapeutic meetings online at a convenient time.

Individual programs and sessions for everyone. Based on your request, I select therapeutic methods


About meetings

They can be single - you will get a diagnosis and understanding of the problem, sometimes healing occurs immediately.

Or the option of regular meetings and supervision of the situation is possible, we select one request and work with it for a month (4-5 meetings).

All meetings are held online in audio or video format, the duration of one therapy session

from 20 minutes to 60 minutes.

Strictly confidential, without disclosing patient information.

When conducting a regression session, you will have a record of the session and Dr. Marie's recommendations.

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Therapy session

I work according to various modern methods, individually with each person, the sessions are different and not similar to one another, there is no specific standard of therapy, because each is a unique person.
At the meeting, we determine the request, it can relate to any of the areas, not only health, and we immediately begin healing, being in a single field at the meeting.
You heal yourself by following my recommendations.


Meetings with Dr. Marie at a convenient time for Us to work through any life situation.

You will have the opportunity to heal yourself, physical and emotional state, relief will appear and your energy state will change.

Self-healing skills and recommendations will remain.


modern method

A few years ago, we could not have imagined that we could easily see the past and even sometimes look into the future. Progress does not stand still, as well as new technologies in electronics and other areas. The treatment of people has now become possible thanks to quantum therapy (healing with light), new German medicine, bioenergy therapy, regression.

Working with the field

After the first meeting, changes occur, but not all people are ready for them, perhaps you will not come to me immediately, but only after a while.

The main thing is to listen to your heart and if there is a response, write me a letter in which you briefly describe your request.

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