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What are my clients saying? Confidential.

Good day! had a session with Mary! It was an exciting journey! I did not even expect such a dive! Very interesting information came for me and I think for Maria too. Throughout the dive, my body was actively working, i.e. the sensations were very vivid. The bright images in my mother's tummy were unusual, they showed everything at the energy level. I learned about my incarnation on an amazing planet and found out who I worked there. I learned what I need to pay attention to right here, now. The block has been removed. I received recommendations and learned my Spiritual name. From the bottom of my heart I THANK Maria for the regression session! And of course, endless gratitude to Wanda for such a regressologist! Thank you!!!

Maria conducted a regression session for me, they discussed the issue of my relationship with my brother. Maria told me about the upcoming practice, about the rules for conducting a session, in general, fully prepared me for the upcoming dive. During the session, Maria suggested that I work through the feeling of buzzing in my legs, I associated them with blocks that interfered with a full life. He figuratively imagined how he brought these blocks out of his legs and destroyed them, after which a feeling of lightness appeared in his legs. Maria also offered to have a conversation with the soul of her brother in the presence of my Mentor from the spiritual world, to the question of why such a negative relationship is needed. came the word - "humility". Maria conducted the session very delicately, with care, with a sincere desire to help me understand my request, for which I am very grateful and grateful to her.

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