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Programs and cost

3000 rub.

First therapy

The first meeting with the Therapist and acquaintance. 

Diagnosis, healing, receiving recommendations.

Depending on the situation and the problem, the therapy program and its cost are discussed - support for a month.

If payment for one-time sessions suits you, the cost is fixed.

For a meeting, you need to sign up by mail or phone, as well as fill out a questionnaire. 

Duration 40-60 minutes.

8 000 rub.

Regression (Basic Program)

The regression session takes place online includes not only immersion, but also healing with the help of & nbsp; bioenergy therapy, quantum therapy. The solution of ONE issue that worries you and requires a solution.

A preliminary consultation (approximately 20 minutes) and filling out a questionnaire are required.

Duration from 60 to 120 minutes.

8 000 rub.

"Exit to the subtle plane"

Immersion on the subtle plane, in the world of souls, you will be able to see

  • The moment of formation (birth) of the soul, where does it come from (planet, galaxy),

  • Meet your Guide, the High Teachers, the Elders,

  • You can ask all your questions and get answers (you can prepare questions in advance),

  • See your spiritual family

  • Know your spiritual name

  • You will be able to meet with relatives and loved ones (living or dead), & nbsp;

  • You can get a blessing (for business, relationships, etc.)

  • Find out your mission, goals of incarnation, your purpose.

Duration 90-120 minutes.

25 000 rub.

Getting rid of subkeys (entities).

Features of the session are discussed at the first therapy.

The duration of the session is individual.

How to meet?

  • Briefly describe your problem and send an email to me

  • Fill in the form

  • We agree on the time for the first therapy

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